South Jersey Landscaping Contractor

Rahn Landscaping is a South Jersey, residential and commercial landscaping contractor. We are Open Shop/SBE and Public Works Certified and have provided the region with new landscape construction, maintenance and irrigation since 1991. Our customer base covers Private, Commercial, State and Local Government projects. With continued growth in new construction, we are constantly expanding our role in this area by providing exceptional prices and a commitment to service that goes along with getting the job done right. Located in Camden County, New Jersey, we service the Southern NJ and surrounding areas. We are the trusted partner for commercial landscape construction and commercial landscape maintenance, irrigation and snow removal. Rahn is a power partner for Municipalities, Associations, Property Management Groups and Developers throughout New Jersey.

South Jersey Landscape Construction
The Rahn Companies have the capability, equipment and skilled staff to install the full scope of any landscape project. For years, we have given property owners, managers, builders, and specialty craftspeople our professional advice on scheduling, project management, and cost-effectiveness.

South Jersey Landscape Maintenance
Rahn provides landscape maintenance to residential properties, associations, property maintenance groups and public properties at the best value and service. We are pesticide and irrigation certified.

South Jersey Irrigation
We maintain irrigation licenses throughout the company and work directly with top Irrigation Architects to ensure your property looks professional and healthy.

Hardscaping & Retaining Walls
Proper grading and compaction, along with the right materials are critical to a lasting paver creation. Let Rahn do it right the first time! We install paver patios and walkways, retaining walls, decorative walls, mailbox enclosures, firepits and grill enclosures, and block signs.

Lawn Fertilization
We are pesticide and irrigation licensed. Consult with Rahn today for a turf and property maintenance program that will best suit your property needs.

Hydroseeding & Sod
We own and maintain our own hydroseeding equipment. If sod is preferred or required, we have the right equipment and several hundred acres of installation experience.

Commercial Snow & Ice Management
As a full-service landscaping company, Snow & Ice Management is a critical service we are proud to offer. We have the equipment and manpower to get the job done.